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It has been awhile everyone by B-Ry-Sun
It has been awhile everyone
I haven't been here in a while due to my projects from school. I never got around to drawing my personal projects let alone draw in general.

After this semester i believe i got better in terms of proportions and drawing hands/feet. Maya is a headache and a half but i really like using the program.

I spent most of my semester on Photoshop/After Effects/Maya including my job off campus. Which meant i didn't get much sleep (but i'm used to it, did this routine for 5 years already)

Now that I'm on break I'll draw more on sai and probably post some stuff periodically. Or sleep owo/

Happy Birthday one was for the December peeps I missed as well as the others. 

Tempest Trio and Fyra Storm are my OC's owo/
Decay'd: Erica Solari by B-Ry-Sun
Decay'd: Erica Solari
Project from my class. Decided to use Erica because i never got to use her in RP.

I'm sure :iconart3misthecactus: and :iconcheerysoundninroren: would like this alot

enjoy :iconowocuteplz:
Suzie (doesn't have a last name wink wink) by B-Ry-Sun
Suzie (doesn't have a last name wink wink)

Had to make a Suzy/Suzie OC because i've been obsessed with the song Suzy by Caravan Palace owo/

Name: Suzie

Gender: Female

Age: 20

Pokemanz: Dratini

Type: Dragon

Birthday: August 21st 

Job(s): Toy n You employee

Height: 5'5"

Weight:  120lbs

Move Set:

(Ability: Marvel Scale or Super Luck) 

-Dragon Rage

Nature: adamant/naughty


-YANDERE (no explanation needed)


Suzie is a tiny ball of trouble. Everyone who has met her seen the sweet side and twisted side (heaven/hell). No one is spared in the wake of her desires because what Suzie wants is what Suzie gets. She had this obsession problem when she was a child. She never wanted to share her "toys" and now that she is grown up her "toys" became any living breathing human/gijinka. Numerous times she has attended counseling but they couldn't find a cure to her "sickness".

There were times when she was banned from some counseling firms because she became hostile or psychotic. With no other options, her parents let Suzie do what she wanted. They loved her but they felt that something bad would happen if they got in her way. Suzie has never killed anyone, she severely beats those who interfere with her "play-time" to send a very grim message. Those who are physically stronger than her have seen her masochistic/sadomasochistic side but the majority have experienced her extreme obsessive personality which could be close sadism. So its a lose-lose for others while its a win-win for her. 

She eventually gets bored but until then, good luck. She hasn't experienced "real" love yet but in the path that she is going it looks like she doesn't need it now. Maybe the right person will come along and make her evolve ifyouknowwhatimean due to the new experience. But it might be a 15% chance of that happening. 

Orientation: Bi-sex

Status: Single


None for now


- Toys
- Obsessing over things
- Music
- Rain
- Beach
-Self gradification/Self pleasure


- People getting in her way 
- Nosy People
- Broccoli
- Extremely dry places

Lines, Etc:
- Can be clumsy at times.
- Talks in her sleep
- "You just want to be untied so you can hug me?"
- "I'm the only toy you need"
- "No means yes, yes means yes"
- "Back off"



B-Ry-Sun's Profile Picture
Bryson Baqui
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
Hey B-Ry here, my JS peeps know me as Bryson or Bry.

Owner of: Fyra Storm, Ba'ul Hazel, Crisanto Sunheiser, and many other OC's :iconpapmingplz:

League of Legends: babylion20

Steam: bryson.baqui

Xbox live: Soul3at3r20

Skype: note for it

Facebook: :iconstupidtailsplz:

note RP: open

chat RP: nobody is ever on anymore :iconsawbplz: plus homework is killing me so i can't pay attention...

Coming to DA was one of the better decisions i made as an artist, only because i could learn from other people instead of just keeping things to myself. when people give me feedback it gives me something to work with other than the common phrase: "it looks good"

I'm pretty sure Pokemon Village kicked me for inactivity :I But RP groups aren't as important anymore to me sadly.

apps i'm working on:

Satome Academy (introduced by :iconrurumii:)
so i got my wisdoms (all 4) out last week. Let me tell you...the pains i get from this is on par or above any injury i have had during my years of sports. It makes me feel miserable because when i'm not allowed to take more than the recommended time slot that few hours in between feel like hell. I just want the pain to be over because i hate sleeping all day. Or im just too irritated to do anything productive with my life (constant migraines are the worst). 

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poobdraws Featured By Owner Jul 3, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
(Pst Bry, it's me, nowere19. I HAVE RISEN FROM THE DEAD!)
B-Ry-Sun Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
alksdjfl;aksjdflkasjflkasjdf, WELCOME BACK!

cheery was telling me that you suddenly appeared over facebook owo

great to see your art again!
poobdraws Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Yeah man! It's good to be back ^_^ I missed you man, long time no see
It's nice to see yours too, it's really improved uvu
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Thank you Rose! \owo/
mikamikkaa Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2013
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B-Ry-Sun Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
hello mika :iconstalkingplz:
mikamikkaa Featured By Owner Jun 19, 2013
[ how u doin ]
B-Ry-Sun Featured By Owner Jun 19, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
been very busy but overall i'm doin alright

you? :iconlaze3plz:
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